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          Products liability cases require an understanding of engineering principles and science relating to the product at issue as well as broad litigation experience generally.  Del utilizes his training in engineering and his legal experience in handling a broad range of products liability matters.  Most of the matters have involved personal injury or wrongful death actions.  However, some have involved commercial products liability claims.  He has consulted with manufacturers with respect to potential products liability issues, including the preparation of appropriate warning and instructions.  The successful pursuit or defense of these claims requires careful evaluation and preparation of the case.  Del has achieved successful jury verdicts for both plaintiffs and defendants in these cases.  Below are brief summaries for some of the cases Del has handled:

Plaintiff Cases:
  • Obtained seven figure verdict on behalf of the estate of a woman who died in her home from carbon monoxide poisoning when a backup generator failed, causing the house to fill with carbon monoxide resulting in her death.  When defendant appealed, the amount of the award was actually increased by the Superior Court.

  • Obtained seven figure settlement after extensive litigation for the widow of a worker who was killed in a boiler explosion at a solid waste to energy facility.
  • Represented the estate of a woman who died because of a defective articial heart valve device and obtained a favorable settlement.

  •  Represented a college student who sustained a quadriplegic injury in a diving accident in a back yard swimming pool and worked with co-counsel to obtain a favorable settlement with certain defendants and a favorable jury verdict against another defendant.

  • Represented a worker injured on a machine and obtained a recovery from manufacturer.

Defense Cases:

  • Obtained defense verdict for manufacturer of a commercial lawn tractor where plaintiff lost several fingers when he placed his hand under the mower deck.

  • Obtained a defense verdict for manufacturer of farm elevator when plaintiff lost his left arm below the elbow in an agricultural chain flight elevator. 
  • Defended the manufacturer of a corn picker where an individual lost his arm in the snapping rolls; case settled favorably for defendant after three days of trial.

  • Defended manufacturer of corn picker where an individual lost an arm and a leg in the snapping rolls; case settled after pre-trial conference.

  • Defended claim against manufacturer of coil spring where an individual lost an eye when the spring broke.

  • Defended manufacturer of a conveying and feeding machine where plaintiff injured; plaintiff eventually withdrew claim without any payment.

  • Defended manufacturer of lifting clamps against a death claim where worker was crushed when an I-beam fell on him; after extensive litigation, case settled at a nominal cost related to cost of defense.

  • Defended claim against manufacturer of a compressor that resulted in serious burn injuries; obtained dismissal for non pros after discovery established no viable claim.




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